At Aquatica we really appreciate it when guests stay with us and tell us what they think about our holiday house, its always nice knowing that we have made your stay enjoyable. We have listed some of the comments that we have received from both families & corporate clients. 


I was so glad to receive your letter about corporate get aways. It has been great being able to dangle a carrot in front of our staff and motivate them. After only 2 months I have seen results in the reward system that we have set up, it seems like a lot of money to spend when you first look at it, but now we are getting jobs done quicker, and we are making far more than the cost with the increased productivity and better attitudes (they are all quite competitive and starting to shine). Do you have any availability for us to come back as well? 

John & Sara Walsh

John the kids and I had a great time, great set up had everything that we needed, great view. Loved it, see you in November!

Pete & Shelly

We had a great weekend away. It was so nice not having to bring a porta cot or pram with us, and the toys that you had, well fantastic. Kerryn was really helpful and Ella thought she was great. We're looking forward to our next stay. 

Rose & Anthony Bell

How Romantic, thanks for one of the most special weekends of our lives. It was just perfect, massages and dinner in town. Beautiful gourmet breakfast, unbelievable water front views, I wanted to stay here forever. We couldn't but looking forward to coming back for a week in August. Thanks again! 

David & Tammy Runia

Great location, had plenty of room for my boat trailer. So nice being away from the hustle & bustle of town, and jump in my canoe and go for a paddle across the bay. The kids loved it, new toys they haven't seen before to play with and everything that we needed. Thanks for a great time.

Trish Benson

Perfect place for lots of walks along the beach, so peaceful and relaxing. Hearing the beautiful birds sing and the water lapping on the beach. Our kind of holiday.Thank you so much for opening up your home. 

Rach & Pete Mudge

Fantastic, loved every minute. With two kids under 3, its normally hard getting away for any period of time, but it was easy with having some of the comforts of home. It was also nice having the privacy (not like normal holiday resorts). What can I say, you know we loved it, we stayed two extra days & have already booked our next stay. Thanks and see you soon. 

Alistair & William Tompson

I live in Barwon Heads, and who would have thought that I would take a trip to another house by the water, but I'm glad I did. William and I had a great time, we went out for a day trip on the boats, lots of walks and plenty of time at the beach. Great family time, thanks for having us.